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Weifang beidi plastic industry Co.,Ltd  is located in shouguang,A beautiful city with convenient transportation in shandong province. It is about 150km from Qingdao port.The premises cover 700000 square meters.with more than 200 employees. and an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons, our company is the largest in the north central Plains, specializing in PVC-U profile research and development, production and enterprise sales.

As a company, our production lines, testing equipment, and processing technology are cutting edge. Product quality control methods are well defined, and our company only utilizes environmentally-friendly stabilizers, along with American DuPont titanium dioxide and Swiss CIBA ultraviolet convert agent and other quality raw materials. This creates a solid foundation for us to ensure the quality of the product throughout production. Regarding quality control, we adhere strictly to national standard GB/T 8814:2017. All the above mentioned assets combined with technical exchange and cooperation with leading German PVC-U companies makes our product extremely competitive.

We have a large range of different models to choose from, including but not limited to 60 series , 65 series and 70 series casement profiles, 60 series , 80 series , 88 series and 92 series sliding window profiles, 70 series sealing frame profiles, sashes, all awning type windows, and more. We also produce white and double-color co-extrusion (ASA) series products and aluminum-plastic composite series products. Custom designs are always available, according to the customers' specific requirements.The company stictly implements quality management,Focus on environmental and publicity.passing ISO9001 quality management system certification,SGS certification,CE security certification.products sell for Europe,Africa,North of America,middle of Asia.and have a high reputation abroad.

Weifang beidi plastic industry Co.,Ltd always keep the spirit of  development, innovation,pragmatic,struggle and dedication.We are trusted deeply by our customers with innovative design of our products, creative structural solutions, high performance and toughness, large product selection, good material quality and excellent before and after sale customer service.Develop together with customers.to come ture Win-win cooperation.



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